How Do I Extend my Wifi Signal to Another Building 400 Feet Away? – Best Extensive Guide

Poor wifi connection or signals can lead to severe frustration, which is the main reason why it should be fixed right away. If you think you might need a network engineer to extend the wifi range of your place, you are utterly wrong. In any case, when you have a poor internet connection, slow speed, dropping signals, or dead zones, you will have to extend your wifi range which is not a highly complex task.

There are multiple ways to extend the wifi signal range. It can be either floor to floor, from building to building, or other methods. Therefore, if you are wondering how do I extend my wifi signal to another building 400 feet away, this is the right guide for you. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get into the guide.

Guide on How do I Extend my Wifi Signal to another Building 400 Feet Away?

If you have two office buildings side by side, or you have a guesthouse in the backyard of your house, it is impossible to get a stable connection without any extension. You might imagine that it might be impossible to get a stable relationship of a single wifi device to the surrounding buildings, well you are mistaken. Also, this task is neither too expensive nor too time taking.

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To extend your wifi signal, you must not consider getting the store bought access points as they are not as efficient. The wireless signals significantly decrease as they pass through various sets of walls. Therefore, these access points are somewhat useless. However, you can follow some of the below-mentioned steps to get this connection extension to another building.

Using Cables

Even though it might seem absurd to you that you might have to use cables again after investing in a wireless internet connection, it is still one of these most reliable methods. By using the cables, you can get the most stable speed in multiple buildings and better latency. But with lines come the limitations.

A regular cable might not be ideal for 400 feet distance. Therefore, it is perfect for greater distances to use optical fiber cable. Although this is more expensive and features a more complicated installation, it is suitable for extending wifi ranges between buildings. As optical fibers require some digging, you will have to take official permits and will also have to deal with the complex city regulations.

Choose Outdoor Access Points

If you want a good internet connection outdoors, you must consider using the outdoor access points. Outdoor access points are ideal if you have a backyard, pool, garage, or even outdoor areas in corresponding buildings. With outdoor access points, you can get excellent wifi signals outside.

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As these access points are weather-resistant, they can provide you with excellent performance in any condition. The outdoor access points are relatively more expensive than indoor access points. Still, they are perfect if you want great wifi outdoors in various buildings or within your home’s boundaries.

Consider Using a Wireless Bridge

You can use a wireless bridge if you don’t want cables between two buildings to extend wifi signals. It is a more cost-effective option than optical fibers and can work finely under certain circumstances. With a wireless bridge, you can use a wireless bridge with a good line of sight. A wireless bridge is a wireless connection that uses infrared or microwave transmission to provide a stable internet connection to two or more buildings.

For this purpose, installing a device on each building is required to get the wireless bridge working. Each of these devices or equipment must be in the sight of each other without any hindrance in between. This option also might require a little cabling but is not as complicated or expensive as optical fibers. However, it is capable enough to cover large distances between various buildings.

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Final Verdict

As wifi has become the basic necessity of every home and office, you can never imagine dealing with a poor internet connection that could stop all of your work. Therefore, extending wifi signals becomes necessary even within or between various buildings. The signal extension is vital to ensure that every building receives excellent speed and stability.

Hopefully, we have answered your query, “how do I extend my wifi signal to another building 400 feet away?” You can always go through multiple options and check what might suit you to understand better. You must keep your requirements and budget in mind and choose from the options efficiently.

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